PT Sinar Antjol

PT Sinar Antjol

Advertised: 15-9-11 | Closing Date: 15-10-11

PT. Sinar Antjol is known as the providers of best brands and variety of cleaner products at the best competitive price. These products include bar soap, floor cleaner, dish washer, cream and powder detergent, laundry bar, hand body lotion, body mist, hair mist, feminine hygiene, shampoo as well as other types of cleaner and cosmetic products.

With more than 120 distributors spread out in all provinces of Indonesia, the Company is firmly positioned to serve Indonesian market. In addition to the Indonesian market, PT. Sinar Antjol is also actively stretching its network all over the world. Currently, aside of having three factory abroad (Ghana, Ethiopia, China), PT. Sinar Antjol exports its various cleaners, soap products and cosmetic products to more than 60 countries in 5 continents.

PT. Sinar Antjol which has been operating since 1942, is now becoming the largest and most sophisticated factories in Indonesia and respected company in global market. In October 2008, president of Indonesia awarded PT. Sinar Antjol Export Champion – PRYMANIYARTA AWARD for successfully developing and penetrating it’s brand in global market.

Purchasing Assistant Manager
(Jakarta Raya)


Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Chemical), Engineering (Mechanical), Engineering (Industrial) or equivalent.
Most preferably from reputable University with GPA min. 2.75
Having more than 3 years experience as Ass. Manager of Purchasing Department in manufacturing company, Preferably hands on with spare part and raw material purchasing
Willing to be based nationally and globally in all Sinar Antjol’s operation


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