PT Ricky Putra Globalindo, Tbk

PT Ricky Putra Globalindo, Tbk

Advertised: 12-9-11 | Closing Date: 28-10-11

Ricky Putra Globalindo, Tbk is a garment company with – 3.000 employees which is located in Jembatan Lima – West Jakarta (Head Office) and Citeureup – Bogor (factory). Our main product is GT-Man Underwear but we also produce export garments and some licencees products.

Right now, we’re looking for professional, hard worker, honest, strong initiative, and dynamic employees to joint us for these following positions:

Finance Staff
Jakarta Raya, Citeureup (Jawa Barat)


Male/female, max. age 30 years old
Min. Bachelor’s Degree of Accounting/Management from reputable university with min. GPA 3,00
Working experience at least 1 year
Fresh graduate are welcome
Having skill/experiences in Tax (brevet A or B) would be advantageous
Good skill in operating computer

Human Resources Division
PT Ricky Putra Globalindo, tbk
Email: or
Jl. Sawah Lio II No.29-37 Jembatan Lima, Jakarta Barat



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