PT Voksel Electric Tbk

PT Voksel Electric Tbk

PT Voksel Electric Tbk. (“the Company”) was established in Jakarta on April 19, 1971. Since 1989, the Company became a foreign capital investment through a joint venture agreement with Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd Japan (“Showa’). In concurrent with its aggressive growth strategy, the Company issued its initial public offering in the Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchanges on December 20th 1990. Through consistent hard work and dedication from all management and employees, the Company soon positioned itself as one of the leading cable manufacturers in Indonesia. The Company’s core businesses include manufacturing of power, telecommunication and fiber optics cables.

Through its continuous pursuit for quality excellence, the Company was awarded numerous international quality certificates, such as ISO 9002:1994 year 1995, ISO 9001:1994 year 1999 and ISO 9001:2000 year 2003 by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services, Ltd.

To know more about us, please visit:

Jawa Barat,

Pemeliharaan gedung dan pendataan asset perusahaan
Handling kebutuhan karyawan seperti travel & akomodasi dalam rangka kegiatan dinas maupun untuk tamu perusahaan
Handling pengelolaan kantin / catering dan fasilitas lainnya milik perusahaan
Mengkoordinir pekerjaan karyawan operasional GA seperti office boy, receptionist, driver.
Mengkoordinir penggunaan dan perawatan kendaraan operasional kantor (pool car)

Pria, maksimal 27 tahun, memiliki pengalaman berkesesuaian minimal 1 tahun.
Berpengalaman mengkoordinir dan membawahi kayawan non staff (OB, Driver dll)
Pendidikan S1, IPK minimal 2.8
Menguasai Komputer MS Office
Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi leadership & supervisi yang baik
Mandiri, inovatif dan dapat bekerja dibawah tekanan
If you would like to be part of a great company that offers tremendous career opportunities then please forward your CV resume, latest photo, and a cover letter to :

People Development
Jl. Raya Narogong km 16, Cileungsi Bogor


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