PT ThyssenKrupp Elevator Indonesia

PT ThyssenKrupp Elevator Indonesia
Advertised: 19-10-11 | Closing Date: 18-11-11

Career Opportunity at ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp Elevator is one of the three largest elevator companies in the world. With sales of approx. €4.7 billion and almost 40,000 employees at more than 800 locations, the group is active around the globe. ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s aim is to continue to grow strategically and profitably. Innovation and quality are hallmarks of our products and services and assure lasting customer relationships.

Our best candidate must:

HR & GA Admin
Jakarta Raya


Organize staff training sessions, and activities
Provide staff orientations
Provide advice and assistance to supervisors on staff recruitment
Prepare notices and advertisements for vacant staff positions.
implement a human resources and personnel management policies and procedures
Reporting HR Matter to Headquarter via internet or intranet.
Provide insurance database
Conduct office supply & building maintenance
Provide data for incoming tax art. 21
assist with payroll administration
Coordinate/liaise with government agencies on company licences/permit application/renewals.

Diploma/Bachelor degree of Management / Psycology
Knowledge of HR principles and practices
2-5 years relevant experience
Attention to detail
Scheduling and monitoring
Communication skills
Team work
Proficient in English both oral and written

Learn more about ThyssenKrupp Elevator at



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